BlockMill simplifies the process of managing and developing virtual property assets mapped to the real world. Unlock the potential of real estate investments with our virtual platform.

Are you driven by the pursuit of digital riches? BlockMill is your ticket to a unique, global map where every building is a potential asset waiting to be seized and traded.




The World Is Your Marketplace

BlockMill offers the world's only solution with an indexed and ownable global map. Every building is an opportunity.

Own, Trade, Prosper

Each building can be owned, embellished through upgrades and traded on our secure trading platform. The choice is yours... Do you hold, enhance or sell?

Digital Asset Speculation

BlockMill is the perfect platform for those who understand the value of owning coveted virtual properties. Turn your investments into profits.

Once Taken, It's Yours

Secure ownership of sought-after properties, from prestigious landmarks to commercial hotspots. Buy low, sell high, and build your property empire.

Unlimited Potential

Speculate on the future, trade with fellow enthusiasts, create and enhance a portfolio of digital assets that could lead to incredible financial returns.

become the next blockmill mogul


BlockMill is a virtual platform that offers a comprehensive, secure, and innovative environment for digital asset speculators. It allows you to explore a virtual world map with all its street addresses and buildings, claim and enhance these virtual properties, speculate on their value over time, and trade them on a secure marketplace. BlockMill is designed to provide you with a unique and exciting way to engage with digital assets in a virtual environment.

BlockMill may offer both free and premium features. While basic functionalities like browsing the map and claiming buildings might be available for free, enhancing properties or accessing advanced features could involve fees. Specific pricing details will be available when BlockMill launches.

BlockMill is accessible through web browsers, making it compatible with a wide range of devices.

BlockMill strives to be a global experience. While the primary language may be English, it aims to support multiple languages to cater to a diverse player base. Language options may expand over time to make the game more accessible to players from around the world.

BlockMill is currently in development and will be released in 2024. There is an Alpha available which we're using to test features and experiment with the technology. Sign up now to receive your VIP invitation.

Yes, BlockMill prioritizes security. It utilizes blockchain technology to secure transactions and ownership records, providing transparency and immutability. The International Institute of Virtual Land and Property oversees and protects the ledger, adding an extra layer of security and governance. Your digital assets on BlockMill are safeguarded to ensure the integrity of your investments.

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